"Education is the passport to the future,
for tomorrow belongs to those
who prepare for it today" -Malcolm X
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Goodwill Professional
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This website introduces Goodwill Professional Development Network Foundation, a nonprofit registered in the United States of America dedicated to empower orphans, less privileged communities and street children both male and female in third world countries making them employer ready through the use of Electronic devices and online libraries.
You can bring real hope by $
  • To setup a computer lab with computers, printers and other peripherals for deserving orphan children and youth.
  • To offer educational programs to help these children and youth develop I.T. skills and knowledge
  • To promote eco-friendly sustainable power solutions by offering solar energy equipment to power this IT equipment.
  • To enable the poor and orphan population in these countries and regions by giving them opportunities to pursue careers and livelihood in IT related sectors.
  • To offer special training, development and career development programs for female population including orphan female children, youth and women.
  • To channel financial resources from grants, donations and other funding sources to support our activities as a nonprofit organization compliant with IRS regulations
  • To collaborate and partner with local and national community organizations and tech businesses to increase the visibility of our programs and mobilize financial and infrastructure resources.

Help the Future leaders

Be inspired! Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Make that a reality for the child who has no hope.
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Help that needy Child

Education is not just about going to school to learn your ABCs. Education is the passport to the future, a lifelong opportunity to understand more and respect culture and traditions. While using high-tech to learn a high-touch skill may seem counterintuitive at first, technology plays an essential educational role and without it luddites will get left behind. "Malcolm X"
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we hope to bring real hope to the hopeless and millions of children in the world’s economic challenged places as a sign of God’s unconditional love by providing the future leaders with hope of becoming a better person than their current state.

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