Turning unsold and disposed technology into educational means for children

The most fundamental purpose of technology and the evolution of technology is to make the lives of human beings easier and to introduce efficiency in their daily tasks. On the contrary, the dependence on technology has become so abundant that those who do not possess the right type of technological devices or cannot afford technology are at a major disadvantage. That being said, the core purpose of this article will be to highlight the scenario where those who are deprived of the latest electronic devices can be provided with them by the right means.

Consumer electronic companies like Amazon waste technology

According to a recent report, Amazon has been reported destroying their unsold electronic products in the United Kingdom. The report states that Amazon has been destroying millions of products every year, these products are mainly either unsold products or those that have been returned by their customers. The reason behind this is that Amazon does not have the capacity to store these extra products and to make room for the new products they have to dispose of their unsold products. Now it has also been reported that Amazon also donates a small portion of their unsold products to charities, but most of their unsold products are either dumped in land fillings or are completely destroyed.

The same situation exists in every single Consumer electronics company, where most of their unsold stock is destroyed. Now coming towards the main point of this article, many such poor countries in the world are suffering just because they do not possess the latest infrastructure or technology to keep up with the competition with the world economy. This problem can be solved in the long term if the youth of these countries are provided with the latest technological devices which will enable them to educate themselves and spread awareness so that they can break their poverty barrier. Thousands of electronic devices which are destroyed by Amazon and other big companies just because they are unsold and cannot be further stocked should be donated to those who are in dire need of technology.

One person’s trash is another’s technology

For too long companies like Amazon and Apple have been dodging their environmental responsibilities for the products they sell. Too many devices have a limited, and sometimes decreasing, lifespan and end up in bins, eventually going to landfill or incineration.

According to the stats that we have received, Amazon alone destroys almost 130,000 electronic products every week, because they are either not sold or are returned by the customers. It is indeed very costly for these companies to store these unused products in their warehouses, and destroying or dumping them is a cheaper and more viable option for them. This fact does not mean that it is the right thing to do, this unused technology which is regarded as waste is something that the children in the poor countries, and the orphans under our foundation dream of having. If only such a system is made which guarantees the right use of these products then it could prove to be beneficial for all the parties involved.

There is a major issue regarding the donations of these electronic items that many so-called charities are collecting these electronic items from big companies as donations, and instead of giving them away to the people who deserve them, they are selling these items illegally to generate cash for themselves. These kinds of charities should be shut down, and only those charities whose network is verified should be trusted. We here at Goodwillpdn Foundation are devoted to working with honesty, and with the sole purpose of helping the ones who need it without taking profits for ourselves.

Our Purpose

Goodwillpdn Foundation is a charitable foundation which is aiming to help the orphans under their care through proper education and technology. It is an urge of this foundation that instead of destroying and wasting technology, it should be used to educate millions of underprivileged children all around the world. The foundation cannot emphasize this point enough that what is in abundance for some is something that makes others deprived because of it.

Amazon can donate all their unused electronics to reputable charities like the Goodwillpdn Foundation who can further formulate a proper channel where they can examine who are the most in need of these electronics and further distribute them. It should be the social duty of companies like Amazon that their products should not go to waste and even if they donate these extra products, millions of children all around the globe can be provided with an opportunity to grow and make themselves better.

Why donations are needed

If the current situation is analyzed, it is found that children living in poor areas have very limited access to opportunities for growth causing their talents and potentials to go to waste. Many children, especially disadvantaged girls, in rural areas have limited access to education. And many of the schools that rural children attend struggle with poor-quality teachers and limited resources. The goal of this foundation is to help these children because it should be our responsibility that we should care for and cater to the uncared. If we assume that instead of destroying these electronic devices, Amazon donates them to the poor of the world. The next step is to make sure that this technology is used in the correct manner and it should open a gate of opportunities for those who are suffering, we can use this wasted technology to help shape the poor and suffering economies of the world. We can use this wasted technology to give a bright future to the child of a poor man. 

Adversities faced by poor countries and its solution

Mobile phones are the most basic and most indispensable mode of technology these days. A recent survey done by World Bank suggests that even in low or medium ranged economies, people have access to mobile phones more than they have access to water and electricity. In poor countries like Congo and Uganda, the situation has gotten worse, and one of the most real reasons is that these countries have gone far behind in the race of technology, which has impacted their education, their lifestyle, and their economies. Now when we come to know the inadequate level of technology available to these people, and on the other hand how Amazon and other big companies are just wasting their electronic products. We should take a deep look and realize that we should be able to solve this issue if we take the right steps. Amazon must take into notice the situation across the world, and acknowledge the fact that it can play a major part in the abolishment of world poverty.

Why are we raising this issue?

The Foundation emphasizes the fact that the companies who are willing to donate to this cause due to the reasons stated above, should view these donations as a form of investment. When a donation is made by some company, this donation will further be utilized to provide technological means for education. Doing this will open more and more channels of opportunities for the children, and many other companies can provide jobs to these children in the future, who can utilize their talents and potential to make money for those companies which can improve the overall economy of the countries whose economy is struggling. This is the basic aim of this project, to provide opportunities for the orphans.

Using the donations that the foundation will receive, the children will be provided with the optimal level of education integrated with technology, as it will become the first step in the betterment of the adverse circumstances created due to poverty. It is said that money can end poverty, but what it does not tell us is that how this money can be utilized to end poverty. This article focuses on fighting poverty at the very grass root level, by providing quality education to those who are not capable of doing it themselves.

The world that we live in right now is revolving around technology and finding ways to improve technology which can, in turn, improve the lifestyle of people who use it.  The companies who are wasting valuable products just because they do not have storage space should realize that they also have a corporate social responsibility which tells them to support the needy ones of the society in the best way they. It will not be hard for these companies to donate their unused products instead of destroying them.

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