Highlighting the prospects of technology-infused education for orphans

Education is the key to success and prosperity, and those who are deprived of education face adversity in the future. In this day and age, conventional education has evolved into a more modern technology-infused education. Technology does not come cheap and there are resources needed to satisfy the needs of education. We need to analyze the lives of the children in the world, those who live in third world countries and are deprived of basic needs and wants require everyone’s support so that they can achieve the right education to change their future and the future of their country.

We need to highlight the need for technological-based donations for the development of orphans all around the world. Developmentally appropriate use of technology can help young children grow and learn, especially when people who care about their well-being play an active role. If these children become early learners then they can use technology to explore new worlds, make-believe, and actively engage in fun and challenging activities that would aid them in their development. They can learn about technology and technology tools and use them to play, solve problems, and role play.

At the Goodwillpdn foundation, there is a big challenge at hand that the orphans of the world that this foundation is catering to are lacking 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, logical thinking, and problem-solving. Now it is our duty as responsible human beings to make sure that these children are helped and tutored at their early life stages so that they can develop themselves as 21st-century bright minds. We aim to help these children learn all about the latest technologies so that they can develop such a skill set that would guarantee them a safe long-term future where they will enter the world of work having much better prepared for the challenges of an information-based economy.

The need for technology-based education in the third world countries

In the remote, low-income communities in third-world countries, there is a big challenge in getting a proper education because of the lack of resources that these countries possess. If we look at third world countries like Ghana, we can see that the country has been indulged in economic hardship for decades now and it is of utmost importance that we as human beings help these countries by providing their children with education with proper means so that those children can change the destiny of those countries.

In addition, critical resources required for technology-based education, such as the Internet is prohibitively more expensive in many developing countries. For example, in the United States, the cost of broadband is about 1.1 percent of per-capita income, while in a country like Ethiopia, access to similar Internet access is 678 percent of per-capita income. Similarly, in Bangladesh, the annual cost of the Internet is sufficient to feed a family for the whole year and in more than half of the countries in Africa, the cost of Internet access exceeds the per-capita income.

Big electronic companies like Amazon have been reported to dump their unused and unsold technological products because of a lack of enough storage. Now one of the main points of this discussion is to ask the readers to highlight this issue that where children are deprived of basic technologies, big companies have been destroying the unused technology. The foundation aims to address this issue and request the readers to take into account that if the wasted technology is not destroyed, but rather it is donated to countries like Ghana, Ethiopia, etc. then this would create a massive opportunity for these underdeveloped nations to use this technology for educating their children. By doing this there would be an escape route made for these countries to pull themselves out of the never-ending hardships and economic struggles.

How the children at the foundation can benefit from technological opportunities

After decades of attempting to improve failing health and education systems in developing countries, the situation in many areas is still dire. In some sub-Saharan African countries, children achieve as little as 2.3 to 5 years of learning, despite typically spending 8 years in school. More than five million children still die before their fifth birthday. The old approach isn’t working, which is why it’s tempting to think that technology is the quick fix for the problem.

Education provides the best methods to break the ever-running chain of poverty, HIV and AIDS, misery, and violence. Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world and a weapon to fight against poverty and adversity. Thus, education is a social vaccine. However, traditional methods of education and training cannot address the scope and scale of the task. Therefore, in the countries where there is an immediate need for change Open and Distance Learning (ODL) through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can revolution other areas of human life and the world. ICTs can be utilized to teach all subjects in the school curriculum of these poor countries and utilized to teach any child including children with special educational needs.

There is a huge need to transform education in Africa and other underdeveloped countries to support and provide a bright future to the orphaned and vulnerable children to become more competitive and competent in a globalizing society through e-learning. Information and communication technologies can be used in learning activities as the instruments of change and the tools of liberation for underprivileged children.

When these children are provided with the right technological opportunities with the right mentors, they can each develop their skillset to be able to give back to society when they grow. Imagine that these children grow up and work for their own and their community’s betterment. We can all play our role in making this happen by donating to this very cause so that we all can grow and prosper together.

Neglecting this charity can cost a bright future for the underprivileged

It has been seen in recent times that some of the privileged hold no intention of helping those who are in dire need of what they possess in abundance. This is wrong and against the basic principles of humanity. We can only grow ourselves when we grow together.

For a long time, we have seen that the people living in the third world and poor countries have not been helped by the outside community, and the help they do receive from them is not adequate for them to solve their major problems. Hence to target all the issues relating to the orphans of third world countries, the foundation pledges you to play your part.

 In countries like Ghana, Ethiopia, and Congo, etc. the children are not being provided with the modern education that they deserve, hence their thinking process, their mentality, and their strive for betterment are below par with the rest of the world. It is the 21st century and technology is at its boom, hence if we all play our part we can make sure that these orphans and children of poor countries can get an opportunity for proper education and proper growth.

The main point of this argument is that we can no longer afford to neglect the needs of these people and we must play our role in giving donations or spreading awareness about the help that is needed for these people, for the sake of humanity.

The vision of Goodwillpdn foundation

It is the founding vision of the Goodwill Foundation to convince people that their help is needed in providing a better future for those orphans in the underdeveloped third world countries. Technology is needed because the current world that we live in functions around technology. When a person wakes up to when he goes to sleep, he uses different sorts of technologies like mobile, laptop and other essential devices. Now take a look at the orphans present in the poor countries, they do not even possess the basic survival things, like proper food and shelter. To help these children not only gaining the basic needs, but Goodwill foundation is also taking this one step further and providing these children with the infrastructure and platform from which they can change their destiny.

These bright young minds need your support for prosperity

The environment in which the child lives plays a critical role in ensuring that the child’s basic needs are met. The ecological systems surrounding the child directly or indirectly influence his/her development. The system represents the family, school, the government, and the culture, and each of these plays a role directly or indirectly in the child’s education.

Having said this children must be provided with the right environment along with the right educational tools so that they can learn and prosper in the future. The foundation will strive for the betterment of these orphans from all around the world, where we promise to make sure that your donations are used for their education and their development. The technology donated by big companies will be used for purely educational purposes, it will help these orphans to build their skills. In no time these children will become professionals of great skills and thinking where they will work for their own and their community’s betterment. For all of this to come true, Goodwill Foundation is counting on your support.

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