This website introduces Goodwill  Professional Development Network Foundation, a nonprofit registered in the United States of America  dedicated to empower orphans, less privileged communities and street children both male and female in third world countries making them employer ready through the use of  Electronic devices and online libraries

We have also identified an urgent need for provision of I.T. education, access to computer labs and special programs to prepare these vulnerable children and youth for brighter job prospects as vital to poverty alleviation. A three-step process of goal-setting, action and reflection will be pursued by us in our approach and inculcated in our clients through our skill development program.

Our research has indicated the presence of considerable orphan populations in third world countries .The presence of low-income youth both inside and outside schools indicates the need to offer them better opportunities to learn, develop, compete and connect. There is a dire need to launch initiatives to give these youth a purpose, a direction and the hope for a brighter future.

We are currently based in the USA, and our operation focuses on third-world-countries, in a project to gradually expand and increase our market visibility, we have developed a six-step promotion strategy which will use conventional, digital and social media channels to promote our organization and attract potential clients as well as donors.


  • Our goals and objectives
  • Our services and products
  • The market for our products

Our Service Concept

Empowerment is a process that challenges our assumptions about the way things are and can be. It challenges our basic assumptions about power, helping, achieving, and succeeding. At the core of the concept of empowerment is the idea of power. The possibility of empowerment depends on two things.

First, empowerment requires that power can change. If power cannot change, if it is inherent in positions or people, then empowerment is not possible, nor is empowerment conceivable in any meaningful way. In other words, if power can change, then empowerment is possible.

Second, the concept of empowerment depends upon the idea that power can expand. But whose power expands or changes? The answer is simple: individual. Individual is the primary agent and fundamental recipient of empowerment support in a society. Social or community change is inconceivable without understanding the importance and role of individuals as an agent of change.

Our organization approaches the empowerment process through mobilizing community resources, Public private sector partnerships, and providing access to key IT skills, equipment and job experiences to create a self-efficacy in orphans throughout the third-world countries, Our aim is to optimize the children and youth in the pursuit of their educational, career and personal goals by enabling them to:

  • Define meaningful goals and objectives in their lives
  • Be action-oriented to achieve these goals
  • Reflect and analyze the impact of their actions in relation to their goals.

Mobilization of community resources requires collaborative effort with active participation of the community, tech businesses and other like-minded community organizations. This process operates at both the individual level and the organizational level. We will adopt this model for our organization and help youth adopt it for themselves


Keeping our general goal in view, we have set the following objectives for our organization:

  • To setup computer lab with computers, printers and other peripherals for deserving orphan children and youth.
  • To offer educational programs to help these children and youth develop I.T. skills and knowledge
  • To promote eco-friendly sustainable power solutions by offering solar energy equipment to power this IT equipment.
  • To enable the poor and orphan population in these countries and regions by giving them opportunities to pursue careers and livelihood in IT related sectors.
  • To offer special training, development and career development programs for female population including orphan female children, youth and women.
  • To channel financial resources from grants, donations and other funding sources to support our activities as a nonprofit organization compliant with IRS regulations
  • To collaborate and partner with local and national community organizations and tech businesses to increase the visibility of our programs and mobilize financial and infrastructure resources.

Mission Statement

Our Organization is determined to provide access to I.T. Education as a means to eradicate and alleviate poverty among the orphans of the third-world countries.

Programs and Service

Our Programs

  • Computer Laboratory setup and distribution of Tablets and Laptops
  • Provision of self-sustainable solar power
  • IT Education, skill Development and Livelihood program
  • Female IT Education Program
  • Job Training and Employment Program
  • Our Future Collaborative Projects
  • Online Resources for educational support

We also plan to collaborate with Telecommunication companies and Internet service providers to provide internet for orphans to learn. We also plan to work with online universities including and others to provide access to online educational content and certification for better job prospects.

Our Partners

In the pursuit of our objectives and provision of our services, we will partner with these institutions and businesses:

  • Registered Non-profit and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Tech companies
  • Online Universities
  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Government Welfare and Youth Development Departments
  • Orphanages

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